Tuesday, July 8, 2014

MORE Eggs Coming Soon!

I got a "little" surprise in the corner of the barn this morning! A small brown "first egg" belonging to either Ginger or Chili, our Amber Link hens from the March 1 group!

Compared to a normal sized egg. 

Upon closer inspection this afternoon, we found 2 more smaller brown eggs in the barn nest (yes, some of them have found a corner they like to lay in...), suggesting that perhaps BOTH of them are now laying. We missed collection for a few days while we were out of town this weekend. We didn't expect them to start for another week or so!

Besides the discovery of the 3 small eggs, one of our Ameraucanas (Caramel) has been neglecting the coop at bedtime the past 2 nights. The first morning, she was already pecking around in the barnyard when I went to let everyone out. This morning, she was in the barn. I suspect she is sitting on a nest somewhere overnight, although we've been unable to locate it yet. 

A similar incident happened last summer when Athena (who we now call "Broody Hen" because she likes to sit in the coop on everyone else's eggs...) disappeared several nights in a row. Eventually we discovered a nest full of 19 eggs behind our large Hosta next to the back door. She had been hiding in plain sight!

Either way, by the end of this month, we should have an additional 3 doz. free-range eggs per week available for sale locally, some of which will be light blue (Ameraucana eggs)! If every hen lays every day, we're looking at a total of 105 eggs weekly! Contact us HERE if you're interested.

The soon to be laying ladies and Specker.

On a side note, we've been looking into the Michigan Cottage Foods Laws and picked up some paperwork from our local Farmer's Market regarding perhaps opening a stall next spring! Stay tuned!