Tuesday, September 23, 2014

HERBAL MEDICINE: Herb Infused Oils

Making your own infused oils is incredibly simple,  and can save you money!

Herb infused oils are extremely versatile. They can be used medicinally internally, as well as in herbal soaps and lotions. They are also great paired with vinegar for dressing salads!


Plant Material
Olive or Coconut Oil
Clean Glass Jar With Lid
Small Pan of Boiling Water
Dark Colored Glass Vial/Bottle


Pack a clean glass jar with plant material. You can use leaves that have been chewed on by insects and young stems that you may not want to dehydrate, too. Pour enough olive or coconut oil over the plant material to just cover it and close jar. Put the jar in the pan of water for about 10 minutes. Remove jar from water and place in a sunny window for two weeks, shaking the jar nightly. After two weeks, strain the plant material out of the oil using cheesecloth, and store your oil in a (preferably dark colored) glass bottle in a cool, dark place.