Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Is It Spring Yet? PLEASE???

Last year, a large portion of the country saw a VERY long, record-breakingly bitter cold temps and copious amounts of snow winter. Looks like it will be more of the same into 2015.

I have NEVER been a big fan of the cold or snow, and even more so after I began driving and became a homeowner. Last night, a fellow member of #gardenchat on Twitter reminded us all that "It's only 129 days until spring!". That's 128 too long in my book... The long, cold, dark honestly puts quite a damper on my mood and energy level!

Sunday night, we received our first snow accumulation- about 3/4". High temps are only expected to be in the 20's until next Sunday. 3 of our hens, Pecker, Nosy and Dumpster have refused to leave the coop! I have been completely bundling up to complete the simplest of chores outdoors, including my snowpants, boots and Randy Parker style scarf wrapped all around my head (I CAN put my arms down...).

I've been trying to keep myself busy between housework and caring for the animals (which takes about twice as long in the winter, I have to carry hot water in gallon jugs from the kitchen sink to thaw the waterers!). In general, I start browsing the new season's seed catalogs just after the New Year, when the holidays have passed, and finalize and place my order around the first week of February. I am already finding myself looking at this past seasons' longingly. 

I've also been spending quite a bit on time on Pinterest browsing for craft ideas and various recipes to try. I've been interested in trying soapmaking for quite some time, perhaps this ridiculously cold weather is trying to tell me to something? Homemade soaps would certainly make nice handmade Christmas gifts...

Speaking of Pinterest and Christmas, I AM going to be trying out a dough ornament recipe I found. I will certainly share the recipe if it works out well for us. I thought giving the tree a new, rustic/old fashioned theme this year might be fun. We've already painted some store bought ceramic ornaments, too.

Honestly, I'm a little stumped for unique story ideas lately. It's much easier to come up with something when nature basically throws them in your lap for you from spring til autumn! Sure, I could post recipe after recipe, but if it gets redundant for myself, I can only imagine what the readers must think (LOL). I'll thank you in advance! Stay warm out there, folks!

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