Tuesday, December 9, 2014

SEED SAVING: Decorative Gourds and Squash

Right about now, I bet those cute little decorative gourds and squash you purchased around Halloween are starting to become moldy. It's the perfect time to save their seeds!

Saving seed from decorative squash, gourds and miniature pumpkins is simple, and since they're simply for looks, cross pollination isn't as much of a worry. In fact, can lead to something new and interesting! It's actually easier to save seed from fruits that are starting to dry out on their own. Fair warning, however- once you cut into them, there could be a foul stench and off colored, gross textured pulp!

You will need:  

Sharp Butcher Knife
Sheet of Wax Paper

Simply cut the fruit in half and scoop seeds into colander, with as little pulp as possible. Rinse seeds thoroughly. You may have to manually remove large chunks of pulp that will not fit through the colander. Spread drained seeds out on a sheet of wax paper in a well ventilated area and allow to dry for several days. When seeds are completely dry, place them in an envelope and label with the name of the variety of fruit (or a description of it, if you don't know what variety it is).