Friday, January 2, 2015

Planning the 2015 Garden

Some of last year's seed starts.
Sitting here working on the 2015 Garden Plan... Turning out to be a little more challenging than I thought! So many great new varieties I'd love to try... That and Brian has only gotten halfway through the catalog with the holidays and long work hours the past couple weeks.

Each of us takes a turn going through the catalogs and highlighting anything that sounds of interest. If we both highlight the same ones, good to go. If we chose different varieties, we will look for more info online and make a compromise of some sort.

Part of the problem is knowing exactly how big of an area we will have to plant in this year! We got an ATV, but don't have a disc/tiller just yet. That's a whole other issue in itself- can we get away with just the pull behind disc, or do we really need to invest in the powered pull behind tiller? There is about a $900 difference in price there! (If anyone reading this has advice, please comment below. We're tearing up horse pasture.)

We're definitely giving a few grains a try this year, and I'm finally getting around to giving those "Mexican Sour Gherkins" I've been eyeing for 3 years now a try! Also going with smaller carrot varieties, hoping to have some better luck than we have had in the past with Nantes and Danvers. I'll post the list of seeds we ordered when it's finalized. If we wait too long, popular varieties and rares will be sold out!

If you haven't ordered your seed catalogs yet, you can order your free copies online. Vast majority of our seeds are ordered from Baker Creek, however I do order herb seed from Richters. The others carry heirloom, organic and rare varieties:

Baker Creek - Open pollinated, heirloom variety seed. Huge variety, great quality.
Seed Saver's Exchange - Organic, Heirloom seeds. Carries organic Seed Potatoes.
Richters Herbs - Huge selection of medicinal and culinary herbs. Great quality.
Kitazawa Seed Co. - Asian vegetables and greens, some difficult to find in USA. Non-GMO.