Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Arctic Adventures...

The past several days have had daytime temps of just at or below zero when wind chill is considered. We're not having a real good time, and are hoping for some weather at least above freezing as soon as possible! If we could hibernate til mid-March (seed starting!), we would!

I just can't... even...

We had one very nice 40 degree day a week ago, which melted much of the snow we'd gotten. I'm expecting to see a Zamboni cruise through now though, as the entire center of the yard is a solid sheet of ice... I am thankful that I haven't fallen yet, but I've had a couple close calls. (Don't ask about the grill frozen to the ground.......)

Our outdoors spigot is frozen, so we're having to fill individual gallon jugs every few hours to refill frozen waterers and bowls. I try to usher all the birds into the barn every morning to make less work for myself, even carrying some of them!

Brian installed a heat lamp in the garage, which is shining through a divider window into the goat/sheep pen. We've been over stuffing the coop with straw, but now have Pecker and Funky taking up residence in our only bathtub/shower. Leghorns like Pecker are not real cold hardy, and she's got some mild frostbite. Funky was found shivering in the coop, and was brought in- what a time to molt! Thankfully everyone else seems OK thus far, not enough room for 14 chickens in there!

I honestly don't recall any long, drawn out cold snaps like this any other time in the past but this year and last. Sure, we had some deep snow here and there, or a few very cold days here and there, but just weeks at a time? Especially discouraging when your long time friend is getting ready start planting her veggie garden in Texas!

I think everyone has a little touch of cabin fever over here, including the animals... I'm so ready for spring it's ridiculous!