Monday, May 4, 2015

Hello, May!

Lilacs coming soon!
Wow, what a beautiful weekend to start the month! May is a BUSY time for us, with all the planting going on. I look forward to May all winter long! Any day now, we'll have lilacs and irises in bloom. The lilies and peonies are coming up very nicely, too. There's just something about a warm, sunny day that warms the soul.

The Cheepers have been released into the general chicken population, and are doing very well, although those of you who follow our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram accounts know that we discovered we have gotten ourselves a second accidental rooster... Well, at least my perennial herbs and fruit trees came back from that frigid winter with gusto!

I was able to finally locate my camera. It was hiding itself under some laundry that I had neglected to put away! LOL I uploaded some photos from this past weekend, if you'd like to see them, click the link below:

When I'm not busy planting, or participating in #foodiechats or #gardenchat on Twitter, I will be trying to teach myself to knit... Jury's still out on that one...

Hope everyone gets an opportunity to get out and enjoy the sunshine! Remember, you can grow herbs and bush-type veggies in 5 gallon buckets, plastic totes and pots even if you don't have a large garden area!