Monday, August 4, 2014

DIY HD TV Antenna

Like droves of others, we recently cancelled our subscription TV services. While many are opting for Netflix, Hulu+, and other on-demand streaming services, they're not an option for folks living in rural areas on satellite internet services with restrictive download limits. We didn't want to invest hundreds of dollars on an antenna to simply watch the news, either... 

Brian searched around the internet, and using commonly found materials, built this DIY antenna which receives network signals from both Toledo and Detroit! Our satellite provider had only aired Toledo stations. This obscure looking creation picks up 15 different analog and digital HD channels with excellent sound and picture clarity!


2x4" board
4 metal coathangers
12 washers
12 wood screws


The instructional video Brian used can be found here:
He added the washers himself for stability and 2 extra receivers.

The antenna can be directly connected to the TV indoors, but our aluminum siding interfered with signal reception. Brian ended up taking it outside and hooking it up using the previously installed satellite cable! It's admittedly not the most attractive looking device, and fortunately, hiding it in a bush doesn't seem to affect it's signal strength!

By doing away with satellite TV service and installing this simple device built from scrap materials, we're now saving $79 per month we paid for "Extended Basic" service!