Tuesday, February 3, 2015

INTRODUCING: Daisy and Opie!

We'd like to welcome our newest residents Daisy and Opie to Lil Raisin Acres! They are 8 mos and 7 mos old respectively Pygmy/Fainting crosses. We couldn't decide which of these cuties we wanted, so we took both! We picked them up Saturday afternoon before the big blizzard hit!

They still need quite a bit of human socialization, but are warming up quite nicely to us. Daisy will sit quietly on our laps, while Opie is a little more independent and curious, and would rather be exploring. They are about as big as they are going to get, other than perhaps gaining a little more weight we were told. They are about 1/4 the size our boy Deenis was!

Baa is being a little ornery, which was unexpected. She was clearly lonely, but now doesn't seem to want to be bothered, and headbutting the little guys a bit. I remember her and Deenis getting into it a little the first week or so, Pecking order and all that...

Anyone in the Hillsdale Co. MI area looking for small companion goats, contact R and J Farms. Jessica is extremely knowledgeable and honest, and the pricing is very reasonable. Lots of adorable, healthy looking little fellas to choose from!

You'll be seeing a lot more of these little guys in the future!