Saturday, June 27, 2015

DIY: Crochet Water Bottle Carrier

To go along with my 4th Flops, I made a quick water bottle carrier. This skip-stitch design was fast and easy. We all know how it is - go to a get together, sit down your drink, and forget where we put it!

I started with the following YouTube tutorial, but had difficulty getting the entire video to load (internet brain fart), so I followed it to the second round of skip stitches. From there I did six more rounds (8 total) skip stitches and topped it off with a round of single crochet.

The strap is just a row of single crochet, a row of skip stitch and another row of single crochet. Be sure to attach it securely with your blunt sewing needle!

Water Bottle Tutorial:

There are a number of applique videos and patterns on YouTube and Pinterest to customize your carrier with. As I mentioned yesterday, by changing color and motif, you can create an entirely new piece, like this Halloween style one I made for Britt: