Friday, June 26, 2015

DIY: July 4th Flops

Here's a fun and easy way to dress up a pair of flip flops for Independence Day!

You will need:
* Size H (5mm) Crochet Hook
* Blunt needle to sew in ends
* Navy Yarn
* Red Yarn
* White Flip Flops

(Below, I have embedded the tutorial videos I used for both the flip flop straps, and the star appliques. This same method could be used with other appliques such as flowers or butterflies to embellish your every day wear flops, too!)

Once you have crocheted around the straps and created your appliques, secure your stars to the flip flops by sewing through the back of the star and completely around the strap several times in the middle and on the horizontal points. Be sure to secure firmly!