Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Better Late Than Never!

It seems like there's been one setback after another regarding the garden this year! The weather, the disc we bought didn't work well, Brian had to go out of town, and newborn goats the week of planting etc. So, I decided to fit what I can in where there is exposed soil around the grounds!

First, I had some herbs I needed to put out, so I planted the basil and rosemary in the kitchen garden in the side yard. I also had a little room in the back to place a cherry tomato and a cayenne pepper plant. It's not much to look at (needs a good perimeter weed whacking...), but I'm already harvesting oregano, sage and thyme! I let dill, cilantro and parsley go to seed every season, got some of those coming up too!

I have said before that we lack quite a bit in landscaping, and currently only have a few daylilies growing in the front bed, so I intend to go ahead and put a few tomatoes, peppers, bush beans and cukes in there this year. I have a trellis that'll work great for the cukes. Perhaps I'll throw in some sunflowers, too. I started working on it this morning, but as you can see below, it'll be a few days worth of work assuming the weather cooperates. I pulled weeds til it got to 82°, then gave up!

In other news, little goaties will be 3 weeks old on Sunday! They're growing well, and are very curious and friendly. We've been calling Samson "Junior", he's a lot like Deenis- always right there into everything LOL

Rusty the Accidental Roo and Specker got into it a few days ago. Specker is in the clink for a few days to see if perhaps we can encourage a change in the pecking order. Quite honestly, it seems the chickens on the whole are all  getting along better since we moved Speck... We shall see...

Well, I'm just sweating it out under the shade tree out back here with my phone and bluetooth keyboard, hope everyone is   their day!