Monday, June 1, 2015

June?!?! Are you sure?

Well, here we are, the first day of June! This morning, the furnace kicked on, and I did chores in a winter jacket.......... Last week, we were in the mid-80s sweating it out! We also had a steady 18 hours of downpours Saturday eve into Sunday which pummelled my peonies and flooded out fields from here to Toledo. Almost seems unnatural, this bipolar weather.

You may have noticed my Instagram activity has resumed. I am writing from my new LG G Flex2! I LOVE it! We decided to switch cell providers, saving us about $140/mo AND giving us unlimited data rather than being capped at 100gb/mo! (We like YouTube A LOT! LOL) Our signal is weak inside the house, so we plan to install an antenna/amplifier combo.

Our baby goats are doing very well! Delilah has gained weight and is much more healthy looking. Samson was wethered Friday eve, he took it like a champ, and has resumed the work of his late Uncle Deenis (pestering people...).

I don't even want to discuss the garden... Setback after setback. Well, it has at least been mowed back and is ready for the tiller. The seedlings I started back in March are looking sad and need to be put in the ground ASAP. Sure, we can get great produce prices at Madison Farmer's market (no shipping costs!) on varieties that do poorly, but still, it's the principle. We've actually really been talking a lot about installing raised beds. My dad has excellent success with his. It's just amassing all those boards!

Nothing much else to report. Our 2015 hens and Rusty the Accidental Rooster are just about the same size as the '13 and '14 crew. Should start laying in about 6 weeks or so!